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In addition to the Alberta FASD Conference Nov 21-22 mentioned in last week’s post, here are a few more FASD and intervention related events happening in October:

The Chatham Kent Public Health Unit in Ontario will be putting on a 1 Day FASD Workshop

When: October 20, 2011
Where: Chatham, Ontario

The workshop will feature talks from Bonnie Buxton and Brian Philcox, parents of a child with FASD and founders of FASworld Canada. Buxton and Philcox will speak about FASD facts and issues, how FASD affects our community, and potential solutions.


The Government of Alberta’s FASD Cross-Ministry committee provides a series of free webcasts in their FASD Learning Series.

When: Next webcast is October 26, 2011
Where: Online

 This month’s webcast is Safety Planning for the Service Provider. Teresa O’Riordan, Executive Director of NWC Alberta FASD Network provides “safety tips for front-line workers, managers and organizations working with persons affected by FASD.”



The Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute will be putting on several workshops in  cities across Canada this fall.

Relevant topics include:

Substance Abuse and Youth- Creating Opportunities for Change
Self-Injury Behaviour and Youth- Issues and Strategies
Anxiety- Practical Intervention Strategies
Addictions and Mental Illness- Working with Co-occuring Disorders

Click here to find out about workshops in your city.

To our readers:

Is there an event happening in your community that you would like to share? Contact us!


The Organic Brain Dysfunction (OBD) Triage Institute is offering a 2 day workshop entitled Addictions Treatment Design for Individuals Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. The workshop will focus on creating patient specific intervention strategies by taking in to account the patient’s strengths and challenges. Factors impacting risk of substance abuse and addiction will be covered in addition to factors involved in designing individual specific interventions, such as culture, patient history, learning abilities, and medical disposition. After care and service delivery will also be covered.

This workshop targets professionals involved with addictions prevention, treatment, counselling, and aftercare. The workshop will take place in Calgary, Alberta, November 23-24, 2011. This follows the Alberta FASD Conference November 21-22, 2011, also in Calgary.

*Unfortunately, the OBD Triage Institute website is under construction at the moment. Click here to receive an email when the site is up and running. For inquiries or to register for the workshop, email

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