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I spoke with a caregiver from Ontario at the Alberta FASD conference last week. She was raising a young girl with FASD, and was coming to Alberta to learn about resources and strategies because she felt there just wasn’t enough support in Ontario.

Then, just yesterday, I spoke with a masters student from Toronto who is doing her thesis in FASD research. We got to talking about conferences and workshops on the west side of Canada, and she was surprised with how many FASD specific events there were going on in the west. She said that there didn’t seem to be that same kind of focus in Ontario.

After hearing the same feedback from two people in Ontario within several days, this article from CBC News caught my eye:

The article refers to a conference organized by the Anishinabek Nation: Union of Ontario Indians beginning tomorrow in Sudbury.

Information on speakers and topics can be found on the conference poster.

Other Ontario FASD Intervention News:

Funding for Peterborough:

$83,400 Trillium grant to fund fetal alcohol spectrum disorder services in Peterborough area for two-year period


For Ontario caregivers who might be feeling the same lack of support as the mother I spoke with at the conference, the FASD Ontario Network of Expertise provides some great resources and information and has a page listing support groups across the province.

To our Ontario Readers:

This blog is a place for information sharing. We encourage you to ask questions and share your stories.

Caregivers: Please feel free to share information about any helpful agencies or services you have accessed in the province.

Service providers: Do you work with individuals with FASD in the province of Ontario? Comment on the post and let Ontario families know you are out there!


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