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The Government of Alberta’s FASD Learning Series are back for another round.

Each month, professionals in the field discuss a specific topic related to FASD. You can attend the sessions in person, by live webcast, or by video-conference (for stakeholders in Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon Territory). There are some great topics lined up over the coming months with lots of intervention related material.

This month’s webcast takes place on September 26, 2012, 9-11 AM. The webcast is titled “Evidence-based school-based intervention with students affected by FASD” and highlights an intervention from the Inclusive Learning Outreach Team for children and adolescents in junior and senior high school. Presenters will discuss how “Success Coaches” work with small groups of children to support them and make connections with caregivers, family, and community services. Successful strategies, evaluation data, and sustainability will be examined.

The presenters for this webcast are Colleen McLure (Alberta Education), Sandra Swaffield (Edmonton Public School Board) and Justin Tardiff (Success Coach with Wellness, Resiliency, and Partnership Project (WRaP).

Click on the link above to access registration.

Upcoming Webcasts:

  • September 26, 2012 ~ 9 – 11 am – Evidence-based School-based Intervention with Students affected by FASD
  • October 24, 2012 ~ 9 – 11 am – Working with Women who have Addition Issues
  • November 28, 2012 ~ 9 – 11 am – Treating Co-occurring FASD and Conduct Disorders in Youth
  • December 12, 2012 ~ 9 – 11 am – Developments in FASD Research
  • January 18, 2013 ~ 9 – 11 am – Restorative Justice and its Implications for Community
  • February 20, 2013 – Aboriginal Communities and FASD
  • March 20, 2013 ~ 9 – 11 am – The Edmonton MILE: Results of a one-year pilot project to improve school functioning for children with FASD

A list of upcoming topics and presenters is always available on the Government of Alberta’s FASD Cross-Ministry Committee site.

We will be posting reminders for upcoming sessions each month, so stay tuned!

Click here to access recordings of previous learning series and other webcasts.


We were delighted to speak to those of you who were able to make it to our presentation or stop by the CanFASD table at the FASDLive 2012 conference in Saskatoon, SK last week where we presented our communication and outreach projects.

The conference was organized by:

The FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan
The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
The Canada Northwest FASD Partnership
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

The conference was a success, and we managed to take in some great presentations. Being the busy people that so many of you are, you may not have been able to make it to Saskatoon. Fortunately, the FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan has made most of the presentations from the conference available on their website.

Intervention focused presentations available from the conference include:

Reaching In Reaching Out: Adapting a Community Based Resiliency Program to Help Increase Children Living with an FASD Develop Resiliency Skills
Lee Hinton, Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

FASD: The Basics. The Facts. The Strategies.
Sandra Overs and Kim Skidmore, Saskatchewan FASD speakers Bureau, FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan

Working with Behavior
Douglas Lee, Behavioural Solutions, Inc.

Aboriginal Family Service Centre- The Mentoring Program
Robyn Morin, Aboriginal Family Service Centre

Intervention Network Action Team (iNAT) Communication and Outreach Projects
Lauren Baugh and Jacqueline Pei, University of Alberta **iNAT  presentation (creators of this blog)**

Sleep Difficulties in FASD
Patricia Blakely, University of Saskatchewan

Sensory Processing in FASD
Kim Barthel, Labyrinth Journeys

A Neurobehavioral Approach to Developing Effective Interventions
Diane Malbin, FASCETS Inc.
Presentation handout

Supporting Adults With an FASD
Sandra Overs and Kim Skidmore, Saskatchewan FASD speakers Bureau, FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan
Presentation Handout

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Service Delivery to Offenders with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in Saskatchewan Community Corrections.
Bonnie Greger, Ministry of Corrections, Moose Jaw, SK

Guide to Professional Strategies
Allana Dziarski Boussey and Sarah Nordin, FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan, Inc.

For our readers:

Did you attend the conference? Share what you learned  in a comment or direct other readers to a presentation you found particularly interesting!

September 9 is FASD Awareness Day!

This day is chosen because it is the 9th day of the 9th month, signifying 9 months of pregnancy. Pass on the word on FASD day (and any day!) that there is no known safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy. Abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy is the safest choice.

Check out this site on FASD Awareness Day for some great information and ideas.

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