“FASD Learning Series: Working with Women Who Have Addiction Issues”
When: October 24, 2012. 9-11 AM
Where: *This event is an online webcast. Available anywhere
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“1st Annual MOFAS Statewide FASD Conference: Building Brighter Futures: Working Together to Create Change in Minnesota”
Prevention and treatment information about FASD
When: November 1-2, 2012
Where: Edina, Minnesota
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“3rd Health & Wellbeing in Children, Youth and Adults with Developmental Disabilities Conference: Challenging Behaviour- The Tip of the Iceberg.”
Presentations and workshops will discuss the behavioural, psychiatric, and complex health concerns as well as treatment options and practices in the field of developmental disabilities (including FASD)
When: November 15-16, 2012 (Focused workshops on November 17)
Where: Vancouver, BC
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“How to Maximize Outcomes for Individuals with an FASD.”
Donna Debolt, RSW  speaks about FASD: Disabilities  Presentation,  Diagnosis, Supports, Intervention, and more.
When: November 26-27, 2012
Where: Barrie, Ontario
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