Another FASD summer camp update!

Whitecrow Village

In last year’s post on FASD summer camps for kids with FASD, we mentioned the FASD LIFE Sessions offered by Whitecrow Village. LIFE Sessions reinforce the concepts of structure, predictability/consistency, and respect through adapted activities for children with team leaders who have FASD themselves. These activities run concurrently with education sessions for adults. Children, families, and Whitecrow Village staff work and learn together to create a sense of community. All ages and family members welcome. Children under 19 must be accompanied by an adult caregiver or legal guardian.

We contacted Whitecrow Village to get the scoop on this year’s LIFE Sessions opportunities. They have let us know that they have received funding for at least 2 LIFE Sessions in BC this year and have proposed for one LIFE Session  in Alaska in late summer/early fall.

For more information about this year’s sessions and schedule, contact Whitecrow Village by phone or email, join their “Friends of Whitecrow Village” Facebook group, or check out the organization’s Facebook page. Head to the Whitecrow Village LIFE Sessions webpage to learn more about the content of the sessions.