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FASD Intervention Strategies

Back in May, we posted registration links for Dr. Susan Doctor’s “FASD Intervention Strategies” webinars. For those of you who were unable to catch the webinars when they were aired, they are now available on-line through the Frontier Regional FASD Training Centre.

The first video focuses on “global” intervention strategies aimed at all individuals with FASD and all situations that may occur.

In the second video, Doctor expands upon part I to cover 3 types of intervention strategies: individual interventions, dynamic case management, and policy issues.

You can access the videos (and other presentations related to FASD) by clicking on the image above.


Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS),  an American organization addressing the needs of individuals with FASD and their families and caregivers, is well versed in support programs for those with FASD.

In the past, we have posted about their support groups for adults with FASD.

Currently, MOFAS is running several great programs, such as:

Growing up Class: Just for Boys
A class to support boys through the physical, emotional, and social changes that occur during puberty.

Funding the Metro Crisis Coordination Programs
Includes training and support groups for family, caregivers, and educators of individuals with FASD as well as social skills groups for individuals with FASD.

“Creating Your Family Portrait”
An art program where teens with FASD and their caregivers work together to create family portraits through supportive art processes.

MOFAS is also offering several retreats throughout the summer:

Young Adult Panel Retreat

MOFAS  Summer Family Retreat 2013- Brainerd

MOFAS  Summer Family Retreat 2013- Stewartville

Birth/Kinship Family Retreat 2013

For our readers:

Do you know of another great current or upcoming program that we haven’t covered? Please leave a comment to share it with other readers!


I’ve come across several posts about FASD and money in the last couple months in some of the blogs I follow, such as “Parenting FASD Kids” and “The Life You Have Imagined“, so I thought it might be time to write a post on money and FASD.

FASD is associated with trouble with academics (including mathematics), memory, language, and abstract thinking. All of these things can cause difficulty when dealing with money.

Another recent blog post (Keeping Up with Tiny Titan) had some great suggestions for ways to teach money concepts (along with a link to printable American money). You can buy Canadian play money online at Scholar’s Choice.

Another great resource is the recently uploaded video “Financial Literacy for Individuals with FASD” on the Alberta Learning You Tube feed. The video describes financial literacy training needs for those with FASD. The non-profit organization “Lutherwood” also contains a page with money tips for those with FASD.

Edmonton Fetal Alcohol Network’s “FASD Strategies not Solutions” booklet also offers some money related suggestions on p.16, along with links to websites for teaching money management.

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