If you have been to any number of FASD conferences or FASD related activities across Canada lately, chances are you have heard of Myles Himmelreich.

Myles is an experienced motivational speaker who shares his story of living with FASD. He has presented at numerous conferences across Canada and serves as a mentor, public speaker, FASD consultant, and advocate. Myles is a great example of someone who works hard to overcome the obstacles presented by FASD and embrace the positive aspects of life. We have seen him present at numerous conferences and can attest to his great stage presence. Whether he is recounting the story of his life with FASD or sporting a hilarious get-up to host a conference, Myles is an inspiration in the FASD community.

So of course, when we learned that Myles had a new website and Facebook page, we were excited to share them with you! If you have seen Myles speak and are interested in working with him, everything you need to know is on his website. Don’t know Myles yet? All the more reason to check out his page or drop him a line on Facebook!

Myles Himmelreich’s Website
Myles Himmelreich’s Facebook Page