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With school starting up across the country, we’ve got academics on the brain.

Children and youth with FASD often have difficulty with academic tasks such as math, reading, spelling, and motor based tasks like writing and even physical education. These challenges, along with widespread attention and hyperactivity difficulties,  can make school a tough place for kids with FASD.

Did you know:

Through CanFASD, we have created a website called “KnowFASD“. The website provides information on neurobehavioural difficulties associated with FASD across the lifespan and links to our FASD “wiki” housing information  and offering intervention options on each specific neurobehavioural difficulty.

Within the wiki, there is a page describing the  academic difficulties faced by individuals with FASD (as seen in research) as well as a page of resources and links for academic intervention options– all aimed at helping students with FASD who are having trouble in class.