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Recently, we posted a survey for caregivers of children with FASD, asking about caregiver stresses and needs. Initially, the survey was only open to caregivers of children under 18. We have received emails from several caregivers of adults with FASD who would like to fill out the survey and, as such, we have extended the age limit!

Caregivers of adults with FASD (and children/youth too!), please feel free to click the link below and fill out the survey!

Survey information:

The University of Alberta and CanFASD need your help! We are conducting a short online survey in order to learn more about the needs and stresses associated with caring for an individual with FASD. It only takes 15-20 minutes and your responses are anonymous.

While existing research shows that caregivers of children with FASD experience a significant amount of stress, there is little published research investigating the specific needs of those caring for individuals with FASD, whether these needs are being met, and the relationship between caregiver needs and stress.

Through research such as this, we have the opportunity to influence practice and policy in order to improve services for caregivers and their children. Please take a moment to read the poster above for more information or go directly to the survey by clicking the link below.

Yes! I would like to complete the survey and contribute to FASD research!


Thank you!


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