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Keewatin Public School in Kenora, Ontario will soon introduce a program aimed specifically at FASD. The “Transitions North” program follows 2 already established FASD programs in Dryden and Sioux Lookout through the Keewatin Patricia District School Board.

Elements of the program include staff trained by FASD experts as well as a warm classroom environment with accommodations for the sensory needs of students, such as minimal distractions and sensory materials available for use.

To read about the Transitions North program (along with related articles on the implementation and success of the program in other cities in Ontario) read “FASD Program Coming to Keewatin Public School” through Kenora Online.

The Keewatin Patricia District school board was also previously involved with the “Eliminating Barriers Building Bridges” regional FASD research project, in which agencies sought to increase placement stability and improve outcomes for kids with FASD through enhanced support and understanding of FASD for teachers and caregivers.

To read more about the previous “Eliminating Barriers Building Bridges” program, click here. To read the final evaluation of the program, click here.


School’s finally out- Now to find a way to keep the kids occupied… For a child with FASD, the social and cognitive demands of a regular summer camp might be overwhelming. Within Canada, there are two summer camps dedicated completely to FASD.

Lakeland FASD Summer Camp

With the goal of a positive experience and gaining social skills and daily living skills,  Lakeland Centre for FASD ‘s Summer Camp is available for children and adolescents age 7-17 with an FASD diagnosis. The camp is located at Camp Cooinda on Ethel Lake, 22 km from Cold Lake, Alberta.

Information Brochure
Application Form

Whitecrow Village Live In FASD Education (L.I.F.E) Sessions

L.I.F.E Sessions camp reinforces the concepts of structure, predictability/consistency, and respect through adapted activities for children with team leaders who have FASD themselves. These activities run concurrently with education sessions for adults. Children, families, and Whitecrow Village staff work and learn together to create a sense of community. All ages and family members welcome. Children under 19 must be accompanied by an adult caregiver or legal guardian. Sessions are held in multiple locations in BC, as well as one session in Atlantic Canada late in the summer.

Register for a L.I.F.E Session

FASD Peterborough






FASD Peterbrough has a one week camp for kids with FASD

Other Camps for Kids with Special Needs

Although many kids with FASD are able to attend regular summer camps, many might need a modified camp experience. If this sounds like a child you know, and you don’t happen to live in an area where you can access the Lakeland Camp or Whitecrow Village, take a look at the links below. We’ve compiled a list of camps across Canada for kids with special needs  (and also a link to special needs camps in the United States).

Special needs camps in*:


British Columbia


New Brunswick


Prince Edward Island



United States Special Needs Camps

*Provinces and territories that are not listed did not yield any search results for special needs camps. If you know of a special needs camp we have missed, please post a comment and let us know so we can share.

I spoke with a caregiver from Ontario at the Alberta FASD conference last week. She was raising a young girl with FASD, and was coming to Alberta to learn about resources and strategies because she felt there just wasn’t enough support in Ontario.

Then, just yesterday, I spoke with a masters student from Toronto who is doing her thesis in FASD research. We got to talking about conferences and workshops on the west side of Canada, and she was surprised with how many FASD specific events there were going on in the west. She said that there didn’t seem to be that same kind of focus in Ontario.

After hearing the same feedback from two people in Ontario within several days, this article from CBC News caught my eye:

The article refers to a conference organized by the Anishinabek Nation: Union of Ontario Indians beginning tomorrow in Sudbury.

Information on speakers and topics can be found on the conference poster.

Other Ontario FASD Intervention News:

Funding for Peterborough:

$83,400 Trillium grant to fund fetal alcohol spectrum disorder services in Peterborough area for two-year period


For Ontario caregivers who might be feeling the same lack of support as the mother I spoke with at the conference, the FASD Ontario Network of Expertise provides some great resources and information and has a page listing support groups across the province.

To our Ontario Readers:

This blog is a place for information sharing. We encourage you to ask questions and share your stories.

Caregivers: Please feel free to share information about any helpful agencies or services you have accessed in the province.

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