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Parents: wouldn’t it be nice to say “go play your video games” for a change? Imagine a video game that has been researched and ┬ácan actually improve the mental functioning of a child with FASD…

It’s a possibility!

An article printed Monday in the Vancouver Sun and the Edmonton Journal highlights new FASD intervention research from the University of Alberta and the University of Victoria. Children taking part in the intervention play a video game called “Caribbean Quest” where they work on their cognitive and self-regulation skills with an intervention coach. The students in the study have improved and MRI scans have shown changes in the white matter of the brain.

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Also mentioned in the article is an upcoming FASD resource and educational website (which will be featured on this blog when released) and the Wellness, Resilience, and Partnership project, which involves coaches working in schools with Jr. and Sr. high school kids with FASD to provide academic, emotional, and social supports.

Learn more about Alberta Education’s FASD resources for teachers.

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